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Increased adhesion
Less chipping
100% Plug & Play with no flushing or machine adjustments
Full Print Head warranty against ink damage
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Just in time delivery - no need to stock large amounts
Full 10-12 months shelf life
Over 140 customer reference sites in the u.k.
Every order gets something nice in the box!
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YES it's true, we're lowering our prices on all our ink range, but why you ask?...

Well it's mainly because of the increase of customers, the more we buy from our manufacturer the better pricing we get.  As a big thank you we think it's only fair we pass on the savings...your welcome!

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Our Promise of reliability

Ink-ology's Plug-and-Play Inks are designed for use in Océ Arizona & Fuji Acuity printers using IJC256 or Ki inks. These inks offer exceptional compatibility, quality, and cost effectiveness, combined with a seamless conversion process.

Closely colour matched and chemically compatible with the IJC256 & Ki ink sets, users can save both time and money by switching one colour at a time. Flushing, purging, or re-profiling is not necessary when transitioning to Ink-ology series due to the accurate colour reproduction capabilities of the ink set. 


* Chemically compatible with the OEM inks for true plug-and-play compatibility

* Close colour match to the OEM ink set

* Formulated for use in both flexible and rigid applications

* Excellent resistance to edge chipping on rigid substrates when used with a knife or router cutter

* Long term exterior performance with proven resistance to the effects of UV degradation and colour fade.


* Acrylics

* Reinforced vinyl banner, pressure sensitive vinyl (SAV), and window cling

* Styrene

* Fluted Polypropylene

* Foamboard

* Polycarbonate

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It has come to our attention from our engineers that some customers are being offered free samples off a 3rd party Oce Arizona and Fuji Acuity ink from other sources. Unfortunately this has caused issues to a number of machines where we have had to flush, change filters, drain ink lines & clean out ink reservoirs to rectify this after trying these samples. INKOLOGY INK is 100% compatible with IJC256 OEM ink and does not require modifications to the machines or reduce the colour gamut. While we are open to customers trying new suppliers and will help all we can, we will not be able to offer support to customers using alternative 3rd party ink. Please be wary and always ask for customer recommendations that have used other inks for more than 6 months or longer as this gives time for the ink to leave sediment.